Nanospan Inc. is a pioneer in manufacture, supply and application of graphene related materials. We are a team of nano scientists and technology veterans focused on bringing the revolutionary new nano material solutions to daily life. We offer a wide range of graphene types, functionalized graphene, graphene intermediates and graphene application prototypes.


Nanospan has several active ongoing projects in Defence, Energy storage, IoT sensors, Polymer/Rubber/Resins, Lubricants, 3D printing (additives manufacturing) Industries. Nanospan also partners with major Graphene & Graphene composites manufacturers, Research institutions and business influencers in India, Europe and US.


Graphene related materials

Nanospan supplies variety of graphene: Few/Multilayer Layer Graphene, Epitaxial CVD Graphene grown on: SiC, variety of metal substrates and nearly any substrate provided by the customers, Liquefied & functionalized graphene solutions.


Consulting Services

Nanospan provides consultation, research and validation services for enhancing base materials for products using nanomaterials, nanocomposites & allied materials. Specialization includes development of IoT sensors, supercapacitors, batteries, 3D printing materials, conductive plastics, bulletproof vest material and lightweight graphene reinforced polymer composites.